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Cargo Handling

With our cargo handling facilities just minutes away from the Port of Halifax, we are able to coordinate at a faster pace loading and delivery of cargo to and from the port. With our up to date facilities we are able to handle all shapes and sizes of cargo either by Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) where the vehicle is delivered to the terminal and terminal staff drive the vehicle onto the ship in Canada and off the ship at the final destination or by container: Here our company is responsible for making arrangements for pickup and delivery of containers. A maximum of 1 vehicle per 20ft container and 2 vehicles per 40ft container secured into the container. If you wish to load more vehicles, they will need to be suspended, with the tires possibly removed and loaded in the container separately. The maximum that can be loaded is 4 in a 40ft Container (All sedan cars or 3 sedan with one SUV). If SUVs only 2 can fit into one 40ft container.

No matter what you are shipping we can handle it.

Is it handling and securing of oversized cargo, warehousing, packing, crating, shipment consolidation for transport or any other cargo handling services, depend on Asante Freights & Exports to deliver the way you want it at a cheaper and in less time.

We have trained technicians specialized in loading and securing cargo in containers ranging from frozen foods, perishable and non-perishable foods, vehicles, fruits and vegetables, fresh-cut Christmas trees and boxed cargo. Our highly scheduled field managers have the time and patience to take our partners through all the basic steps needed to achieve such target service.